Comments from Our Guests

Joyce from Connecticut wrote...

I heard about Inn at Mystic from Friends and Family.

Yesterday my friends and I drove down from the Hartford area to have lunch and celebrate a birthday at the Flood Tide. My hair stylist recommended Flood Tide, and I trust his judgement -- he's quite the gourmet.

We had a delightful time and enjoyed not only your superb food, but your equally outstanding service. I've dined in many fine restaraunts in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Honolulu and Seattle-- and your cuisine ranks right up there, BUT your professional and gracious service puts you way above. We loved our table in the lower level of the dining room -- right in a bay window with a great view of the lawn, a duck and the harbor. The maitre'd who seated us started a fire in the fireplace just for us--what a lovely touch on this cloudy, gloomy day! Our hostess, a beautiful young lady wth dark hair and blue eyes (I'm sorry I don't know her name)was up to the several challenges we inadvertently presented her.

We usually never drink, but I asked her if we could share a glass of wine, just enough to give us each a little taste and make the lunch more festive -- and she readily agreed, and brought us each our own glass of wine with about an inch and a half of wine -- a perfect way to begin our lunch.

One of us wanted to substitute garlic mashed potatoes for rice, and our hostess cheerfully said she would check on that for us, and was able to accomodate the request. Then our biggest challenge came-- there was a financial seminar in the upper level of the dining room, and the speaker had a very loud voice which he needed in order for his guests to hear his presentation. One of my friends was very distracted by his voice and by what he was saying-- I think she has a little attention deficit, and also is interested in finances anyway. So I asked our hostess if there was possibly any way they could turn down the microphone so that it wasn't as loud, without compromising the speaker's presentation and seminar. She cheerfully said she would check on that. A minute later, the maitre d' came over and very politely and regretfully told us that the speaker wasn't using a microphone but just projecting his voice because the seminar has a lot of elderly people who are hard of hearing. We understood completely and were fine with that.

We were very pleased and surprised when he gestured to our wine glasses and said he would take care of our drinks in order to compensate us for our discomfort!

What a very nice touch! Another slight tiny issue arose when my friend's baked brie in puff pastry appetizer was cold/frozen just in the center and she asked our hostess to have the chef nuke it for a moment. Our hostess was gracious and apologetic, and quickly returned with the appetizer nicely warmed and even replated on a fresh clean plate, which we didn't expect. We loved our appetizers and don't know which was more delicious -- the baked brie in puff pastry or the duck and rabbit spring roll...

Our entrees were also scrumptuous -- one friend absolutely inhaled her grilled salmon and garlic mashed potatoes, and didn't even offer us a taste. I totally enjoyed my deliciouos pumpkin ravioli with mushrooms, and my other friend was delighted that her filet mignon was cooked perfectly medium rare, and she generously allowed us to try her fantastic mashed sweet potatoes! When it came time for dessert our hostess told us that dessert would also be on the house, which one of us thought that the maitre d' had mentioned briefly along with our complimentary wine. We decided to share a dessert, and our hostess brought it along with three plates for us. The creme brulee trio was perfect and brought an outstanding meal to a beautiful end. With such delicious food, elegant, warm atmosphere, great view, etc.

The service could be average or just good, and the Flood Tide would still thrive -- but with your most excellent service, you have an incomparable combination. One friend is recommending the Flood Tide to her brother-in-law who wants a special dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his first date with his wife -- I'm hoping they'll decide to spend the night at your beautiful inn as well, for an even more sublime experience. I'm looking forward to returning as soon as possible! My deepest thanks to the maitre d' and to our hostess for spoiling us so kindly with their accomodating service, and for rising to all the challenges we didn't mean to present to them!